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We combine the art of property analysis with the science of financial calculations to build your ideal property profile, minimise risks, and grow your wealth. We’re modern-day consultants who protect and grow your wealth through property advisory.
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So, what exactly can Space Accent do for your property journey?

At Space Accent we research and analyse the market, with the purpose of crafting personalised strategies to help you achieve your property goals while reducing the stress that property decisions normally impose.

We're perfect for you if you want to...

Buy Condo

But not sure how to pick one that meets your financial goals…

Detailed financial calculations give you a clear picture of how different financial goals can be achieved. An in-depth analysis of the properties unveils their potential in helping you achieve the desired financial goals while meeting other needs at the same time.

Rent Office

But not sure where to begin your search…

A discovery session provides a thorough understanding of your business activities, space requirements and future growth plans. And that leads into a personalised report that provide insights on how shortlisted properties can fit into your plans.

Review Portfolio

But not sure which aspects to look at…

Stagnating growth, declining rental revenue, and outdated interest rates are signs that your portfolio needs restructuring. An annual portfolio review helps identify any potential issues that can be resolved to improve your portfolio performance.

Educating the Community

There is a lot of information on the internet and mainstream media about properties. But many of them are sales and promotional materials designed to sell specific properties. The lack of proper real estate guidance and education in the right direction is causing stress and confusion for many people.

Space Accent bridges the gap between what people currently know and what people should know. We believe in creating a well-informed community that helps more people make better property decisions, that can protect and grow their wealth.
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Ever get the feeling that after all the research you’ve done, you still feel that something is missing?

If you’re like most of our clients, we have a hunch that you’re smart.

And you’re doing what you’ve learnt the right way.

But what you’ve learnt on your own isn’t complete...

Most of the property calculations you find online (for calculating your affordability), are only qualifying yourself for loans.

Every property “guru” session ends with you feeling hopeless and urgent because the “guru” tells you that property prices are on the rise, and you will lose out if you don’t buy NOW.

You get bombarded by examples that prove their points, but those are cherry-picked to demonstrate what they want to say.

They don’t give you the full picture about the costs and investment potential of buying a property.

And most importantly, their market analyses and conclusions do not reflect your unique situation.

Every individual has a unique set of needs, wants, and circumstances.

What you really need is someone who listens carefully to your needs, wants, current situations, and plans for the future.

And that someone must tailor the analyses and recommendations to your interests.
If any of the above resonates with you…

Then the simple truth is that your lack of proper guidance could be the reason for the confusion and stress in your property journey.

And we can help…
*First consultation is 100% free (Yes, really!).
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