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At Space Accent, we are passionate about creating powerful, enlightening, and personalised analyses that help you understand real estate and make better property decisions.

Careful Research

Professional Advisory

Service Excellence

Secured Environment

Reducing Stress

Property decisions can be stressful because of the huge financial commitment needed.

Space Accent helps to reduce your stress by offering unbiased and unfiltered advice, and explaining confusing real estate terms in simple words you can understand. 

Property Market Updates

Knowledge of the property market trends allows you to seize the right opportunities.

Through careful research of the property market, Space Accent helps you understand market trends and their impact on the property you're interested in.

Professional Advice

Both property purchase and rental decisions are big financial commitments that you rarely engage in. Naturally, there are aspects of the property transactions that you'll need clarification on.

Space Accent is a Singapore professional real estate advisory which provides unbiased and unfiltered advice that helps you understand the pros and cons of the property transaction, so that you can make a better decision when buying or renting a property.

Service Excellence

At Space Accent, we understand that the nature of property transactions can be stressful because of its uncertainty and heavy financial commitment. And a mistake can result in painful consequences that take very long to recover from.

Therefore, we strive to make it less stressful by increasing the element of certainty through prudent financial analyses and service excellence.

Secured Environment

With decades of experience handling property sales and rental transactions, our team is well-equipped with the knowledge to ensure your property transaction is smooth and safe. 

We create a safe and secured environment by performing the necessary due diligence in checking the essential information to prevent scams and mistakes, so that you can avoid unnecessary financial loss.

Better Property Decisions

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